Mitab at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Marking its 70th anniversary, at this year’s show we launched three new products: the Dapper sofa and armchair; the Bastille table; and the Sense easy chair. We also released a new height-adjustable variation of our ever-popular RAL chair.


Each product was enthusiastically received, in particular our new Dapper armchair, presented in a highly tactile, loosely tufted textile that was irresistible to touch.

Designed with oversized comfort and oversized character. Its generous cushioning hugs a robust steel skeleton and invites users to sink in to its welcoming embrace.

The stage was our ‘Wrapped’ exhibition concept, designed by Swedish architects Förstberg & Ling. An entirely demountable, flexible and modular exhibition space commissioned by Mitab in recognition of the outsized environmental impact of the annual exhibition ‘circuit’ and Mitab’s contribution to those impacts. The furniture pieces were presented in a range of subdued grey tones to compliment the vibrant energy of the stand, positioning Mitab’s presence in stark contrast to the predominant current trends repeated throughout the fair. A wide variety of textures and finishes chosen for the furniture provided a sensorial richness, inviting visitors and encouraging them to touch and fondle.


This is now the third realisation of the Wrapped exhibition concept using the same modular structures and components, with many more to follow.

For SFF 2020 we decided to un-wrap the design and reduce its material use further by simply powder coating the underlying framework, providing a bold and graphic backdrop for our latest product launches.


Mitab’s ever-flexible RAL chair, an acronym of “Range for Activity and Leisure”, has been further extended to provide yet more seating solutions for a wide variety of indoor activities and contemporary interior environments.

The latest addition, a height-adjustable swivel desk chair on a 5 castor base, offers the user a full range of motion and height adjustability. RAL’s timeless aesthetic and ergonomically designed seating angle have been retained, ensuring the highest level of comfort for the entire duration of the chair’s use.

Sense is an enveloping easy chair that brings relaxed comfort to a wide array of interior spaces. A delicate balance of size and function, Sense is an exploration of how compact an easy chair can be without sacrificing comfort.

The Bastille series of large tables is defined by its strong pedestal base and slim, minimal aesthetic, unconventional for tables of this scale. Its bold stance is both monumental and graphic, and stands in stark contrast to the forest of spindly legs often found under larger tables, compromising their aesthetic, functionality and ergonomics.

The stained, ash-veneered table top has a tapered edge, meaning it is warm and comfortable to work on yet sharp and slim in appearance. The top also features recessed electrical ports, concealed by a cap matching the table surface, and the hollow legs are employed to hide and route the electrical cabling.

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