Collaboration is key at Mitab. We pride ourselves on working closely with both established designers and upcoming talent from around the world; but also often on our doorstep right here in Sweden! These collaborators share our foundational values yet also bring fresh eyes and new perspectives to our collection.

Mitab’s latest collaboration is with Studio Mattias Stenberg of Stockholm, Sweden. A multi-disciplinary practice working in product, architecture and creative direction. Studio principal Mattias was recently tasked with designing a new lounge sofa to fill a gap in our portfolio.

Mattias invited us to his studio for coffee and to tell us more about the collaboration and origin of the characterful and comforting ‘Dapper’ sofa.

Can you tell us a little about your studio and your design philosophy?

I run a mixed creative practice based in Stockholm. We focus on product design, creative direction support as well as residential architecture. The aim is for each project to be at the intersection of business, design and engineering. In other words, most projects do not start with pen and paper, but rather with discussions and research on a specific need or movement in the market. The ”concept” – what the product will do and/or how it will be perceived – springs from there. Aesthetically we focus on timeless pieces and put a lot of effort into letting the materials shine, be it wood, textiles, ceramics or glass.

How did the collaboration with Mitab come about and what was the brief?

This project was no exception and began with a shared view of certain opportunities after examining the current Mitab portfolio. We quickly focused on a seating concept based on a fixed sized rather than being modular. The brief, in the format of many lengthy discussions, also emphasised the need for a product that had a certain personality. A product that could be easily recognised and remembered while maintaining some sort of effortless ease.

What was the starting point for the design of the Dapper sofa?

I believe strongly in letting the products tell stories. Sometimes they shout and sometimes they whisper ever so softly. With Dapper we wanted to tell a less known Mitab story. The story about a furniture brand with a strong manufacturing foundation, in upholstery but also in metalwork. So quite early on we decided to make the frame of the sofa from metal. Not to just make if from metal for the sake of it, but to also use and highlight the unique possibilities of metal compared to, for instance, a wooden-framed sofa. In a way the metal frame is the leading character of the design and the upholstery is the supporting cast.

What qualities of your work and approach are shared with Mitab?

Most of all, I think we are connected by a common approach of hands-on craftsmanship. But also the belief that design is not just about the appearance of something, but rather a holistic approach to developing solutions, inside and out.
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