Swedish designer Sanna Lindström has worked closely with Mitab on many briefs but it was the sophisticated simplicity of her Chord concept that most resonated with our shared ambitions and vision of ‘good design’, creating a timeless addition to the Mitab catalogue.


Sanna established her eponymous design studio in 2007 upon graduating from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, design school of one of the most famous Swedish furniture designers and cultural influencers of the last century. Malmsten’s name was, at first, synonymous with luxury and artisanal craft, his furniture commissions sought after by the highest of society. However, in 1956 Malmsten turned to industrialisation and the democratisation of design, exhibiting for the first time a collection of furniture for mass production, which went on to be found in homes across Scandinavia and the World.

Sanna’s work now embraces both these realms, being finely crafted with exquisite attention to detail but also able to be mass manufactured efficiently. The ideal combination for Mitab.


Sanna kindly answered our questions about her design process and philosophy.


Can you tell us a little about your studio and your design philosophy?

My design has an aura of complex simplicity, I would say. The design process can often be intricate while the outcome has a pure expression, a functional beauty without being boring. I´m challenged to find the balance between functionality and aesthetics. I find pure joy when the two of them work properly together, without visible effort, it’s an intoxicating feeling when everything falls into place.

What was the starting point for the design of Chord? 

I think the different briefs I had with Mitab in an early stage, where I was working ambitiously, trying to create something that both Mitab and I would be proud of turned into Chord. There was no brief behind Chord. I presented Chord as a kind of surprise at the end of our follow-up meeting. Mitab’s design manager, Marcus, got really enthusiastic with the design of the barstool and also saw the full potential of it. Mitab had a need for that kind of barstool, it was something new and exciting. A thrilling part was the seat: could it be a wooden seat? A massive, solid one or maybe in 3D-veneer?

Can you briefly describe the design for us? 

As the name implies, it’s about building chords, creating harmonies. The massive, softly-shaped wooden seat, the frame that runs from the floor with thin tubes made of high-strength recycled metal to the inside of the seat, and the circular almost floating footrest which lies a bit unusual on the outside of the frame to create a completeness – a sound of harmonies together – a Chord.

Chord gets its character from its oversized wooden seat, coloured with a translucent stain to highlight the natural life of the material. The contrast with the slim legs creates an interesting tension. When you turn Chord upside down you see the care put in production. The meticulous work and the meticulous finish.


What qualities of your work and approach are shared with Mitab?

No details are left without care. An honest and pure design, high quality in the materials and an excellence in the craftsmanship, with the production locally placed in Tranås Sweden where the whole office is situated.
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