In my parents home we had this inspiring basement. There was a carpenter workshop, a welding room and a darkroom for photography. I think this wounderful basement have influenced me in how I work today. I spend countless nights in the welding room creating lampshades from tin cans. 

Jonas enjoys working with his hands often creating scale models. When a new furniture is designed it´s created with the demands of the user and the interior needs in focus. Jonas have a genuine interest in manufacturing that he bring in early in the development process.

It´s amazing to come to the factory and see a prototype of the furniture you have created in your mind and maybe sketched on paper.

Jonas Osslund is design professor at the Beckmans College of Art & Design. Jonas interest for working with Mitab is from way back. When he met with Marcus for the first time he felt like everything matched, designwise and with the simplicity of Jonas design expression.

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