Elemental in design, balanced in proportion and flexible in its options, Intro is a new pillar table that will become an essential staple of many designers’ toolbox. Designed in-house by Mitab, in response to our customers’ need for a cost effective yet durable and high-quality table, Intro’s design is pared back. Available in over 200 colour options and various standard sizes and shapes, ensures Intro fits in any scheme.

Table in multiple variations and heights with pillar frame in tubular steel and table top in wood veneer. Both the top and base are available in Mitab’s Standard, Selected and Anycolour colour ways.


Intro is available in a range of real timber veneered surfaces as standard, including Ash, Birch, and Beech, and also durable high pressure laminate in a wide variety of hues. Be it bold block colour or mixed-and-matched tabletop and legs, endless bespoke combinations of Intro’s elements are possible. Get in touch to design your own tailored Intro table.

Standard or customized

The various heights, circular, and square shaped tops, and the many standard sizes available give Intro the adaptability to populate any available space and serve a multitude of functions. These standard dimensions are also the starting point for the specification of your own custom heights and sizes of Intro, enabling various arrangements to work together and precisely fit the needs of your scheme.

Refresh and

Sustainability is at the core of everything Mitab does. Our latest initiative as part of these efforts is the introduction of standardized pricing for the refurbishment of your loved Mitab pieces in need of updating or refreshing, making it as easy to re-new your well loved furniture as it is to buy new pieces. By offering straightforward options for re-lacquering or reupholstering your Mitab products you can extend their life in service and help out the environment at the same time. Mitab supports you in your efforts to buy sustainably manufactured new furniture and also make the active choice to minimize your environmental impact by reinvigorating your existing furniture for new interiors or trends.

Colour Coordinated

Intro’s table surface, its pillar and base can be colour coordinated for maximum impact, or each component can be individually coloured to create truly unique appearances. Mitab’s tailored colour service offering over 200 possible colours to choose from.

Strong and Steady

Intro’s circular base option has been carefully designed with a slight curvature, ensuring it sits flat and steady on all surfaces. If that’s not sufficient, we also offer a bases that can be discretely floor mounted to eliminate any risk or rocking or toppling over.
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