Comprising seating, tables and accessories, Edit is a modular furniture system that can be arranged in endless constellations. Designed to be as adaptable as possible without its appearance being compromised by its modular nature, Edit’s versatility serves the ever changing needs of the contemporary work environment and public spaces alike. Repeating soft curves create an inviting rhythm, outlined by the exaggerated seams of the upholstery. Optional bolster cushions, auxiliary tables and power outlets gently punctuate the geometric form.

Modular sofa system with easychair, 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater, corner and armrest. Frame in tubular steel in standard RAL (black, white or silver), Selected RAL or Anycolour RAL. Seat with wood base and cold foam upholstered in standard fabrics or c.o.m.  Edit is also available with electrical outlets as optional. Connectable. 

Designed by John Astbury


“The starting point for any project is ‘why?’ For Edit it was a question on usage and patterns of behaviour, how our expectations for both public and work spaces are evolving and the requirements for seating needs to adapt to this.” – John Astbury



Designed and built with heavy contract use in mind, with Mitab’s Refresh & Renew initiative you can repair and reinvigorate tired chairs simply and conveniently with clear pricing. From the point of view of sustainability selecting furniture with the longest in-service life is the most effective way of reducing CO2 emissions due to purchasing and user behaviours.


All Mitab products are manufactured in Tranås, Sweden

All of our factories are using 100% renewable electricity

Throughout the whole of Mitab’s collection, future life cycle is one of our most important considerations. All of the Mitab products are designed and made to last for decades and are developed and constructed for a responsible life cycle where Mitab, as the producer, takes full responsibility for all parts of the process, before, during and after a product has been made.

Here at Mitab, we believe that it is incredibly important to offer an incredibly easy and straightforward option to re-lacquer and/or reupholster your Mitab products to increase the lifespan of the piece.

We make it easy for you to extend each product’s life which ensures that all Mitab pieces are truly sustainable, ensuring our commitment to protecting the environment and the raw materials that we use. After all, the most sustainable piece of furniture is the one that lasts the longest.

Repair a worn-out detail, replace a broken component or re-cover in this seasons colour or pattern – Mitab supports every client with a commitment to helping and preventing any negative environmental impact by reinvigorating your existing furniture for new interiors or trends.

This service is offered within our standard pricing structure.

Mitab is certified according to ISO 14001

Mitab is certified according to ISO 9001

At Mitab, we strive to minimize the amount of packaging used when transporting our furniture.

All packaging material used is fully recyclable.

By producing locally and sourcing the majority of the components used in our furniture within bicycling distance to our factories we keep internal transportations low. For external transports we offer climate compensated options.

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