We help you extend the lifespan of your furniture, regardless of the product’s original manufacturer.

Why buy new when you can reuse? At Mitab, we offer more than just new furniture. Our customers can also come to us to have their furniture repainted, reupholstered, and repaired. Our products are built to last for decades, but even durable furniture requires some maintenance to retain its best appearance.

With our latest initiative to introduce standardized prices for replacement components and renovation work on our products, we take another step towards reducing environmental impact. By offering standardized prices for repainting and reupholstering, we make it easy for you to extend the lifespan of your Mitab product while contributing to the environment.

You will find all our sustainability prices next to the regular prices for each product in the price list.


We help you reduce your project’s CO2 footprint by making it as easy to reuse as to buy new. Whether it’s a new or reused piece of furniture, we offer the same guarantee on our work.

We often hear that; “Reuse really isn’t practical. It costs money and takes time. Plus, I’m working on a project that includes products from manufacturers who don’t offer renovation programs or take responsibility for the sustainability of their furniture. My local upholsterer is also not equipped to handle the volume of products that often accompanies contract projects. No, I offer the customer newly manufactured products instead.”

But fear not, we have a solution for that. A solution that is moreover profitable for you. At Mitab, we produce locally in TranĂ¥s, Sweden, and our supplier network is organized in such a way that we can reach many of our suppliers during the same morning walk, even before the morning coffee has gone cold. We help you extend the lifespan of your furniture, regardless of the product’s original manufacturer. Whether the work involves repairing a worn detail, replacing a broken component, or updating the appearance with the season’s color or pattern, we at Mitab support your efforts to reduce environmental impact.

So whether you need to repair a worn detail, replace a damaged component, or reupholster your product in the year’s colors and patterns, Mitab helps you make a sustainable choice.

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