The Brace armchair is a study on efficiency; an armchair with great comfort achieved with minimal material and an elegant expression. Its form has been simplified and reduced with the aim of creating something better, more efficient. Brace is lightweight and unobtrusive, its aesthetic and function suited to all environments and styles.

Materials: Steel frame, compression moulded veneer.

Brace is certified according to Möbelfakta


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As Peter Opsvik, the father of ergonomic furniture design, said “the best posture is the next posture”. Brace’s generously sized, curved back rest provides comfort in a variety of seating positions, for users of all shapes and sizes, and remains comfortable as you change positions throughout the day.


Brace’s frame is made from the most recycled material in the world – mild steel – and contains over 30% recycled content. The seat and back rest is made of plywood allowing them to be gently curved and are veneered with real Ash timber, providing a high quality and durable finish even suitable for high traffic environments.


All Mitab products are manufactured in Tranås, Sweden

All of our factories are using 100% renewable electricity

Throughout the whole of Mitab’s collection, future life cycle is one of our most important considerations. All of the Mitab products are designed and made to last for decades and are developed and constructed for a responsible life cycle where Mitab, as the producer, takes full responsibility for all parts of the process, before, during and after a product has been made.

Here at Mitab, we believe that it is incredibly important to offer an incredibly easy and straightforward option to re-lacquer and/or reupholster your Mitab products to increase the lifespan of the piece.

We make it easy for you to extend each product’s life which ensures that all Mitab pieces are truly sustainable, ensuring our commitment to protecting the environment and the raw materials that we use. After all, the most sustainable piece of furniture is the one that lasts the longest.

Repair a worn-out detail, replace a broken component or re-cover in this seasons colour or pattern – Mitab supports every client with a commitment to helping and preventing any negative environmental impact by reinvigorating your existing furniture for new interiors or trends.

This service is offered within our standard pricing structure.

Mitab is certified according to ISO 14001

Mitab is certified according to ISO 9001

At Mitab, we strive to minimize the amount of packaging used when transporting our furniture.

All packaging material used is fully recyclable.

By producing locally and sourcing the majority of the components used in our furniture within bicycling distance to our factories we keep internal transportations low. For external transports we offer climate compensated options.


Why buy new when you can re-new? At Mitab we don’t just sell new furniture. Customers can also return to us to have their pieces refreshed, renewed and repaired. Mitab products are designed and made to last decades but furniture that lives that long also require a little TLC every now and then to keep it looking its best! Maybe after a couple of hard years in a café (or a few equally hard years in a house with ketchup loving children!) your chair is in need of recovering. Or perhaps a hue that looked on trend ten years ago now looks a little dated. Mitab offers to re-new your furniture as easily as it is to buy a new piece.

By offering straightforward options with standard pricing for re-lacquering or reupholstering your Mitab products we make it easy for you to extend their life and help out the environment at the same time.



Brace’s armrests have been carefully designed with ergonomics and practicality in mind, supporting users as they work yet still comfortably sliding under most table tops. A gradual bend allows users to to sit a little closer while working or eating while still being able to perch their arms.



A wide range of contemporary colour options are available through MItab’s various colour systems – Standard, Selected and Anycolour. For a small additional fee all metal components and wooden parts can be colour-matched to your chosen specification.




Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell is widely revered for his modern product and furniture design comprising soft, minimalist shapes with a welcoming expression. His Stockholm-based studio, JWDA, was founded in 2008 and boasts collaborative relations that stretch from Scandinavia and Europe to China and North America. An alumnus of the prestigious schools Konstfack in Stockholm and Parsons in New York City, Jonas Wagell’s award-winning work combines graphic simplicity and playfulness to create pieces that typify modern-day life.

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