Ahoy is characterful side table whose inspiration comes from the ship bollards used to secure a boats mooring line. Developed by Daniel Enoksson as an alternative to the classic pedestal table, Ahoy is a counterweight design made deceptively simple. Ahoy can be placed to overlap a sofa or armchair to provide an informal work surface or suitable for use as a standalone table or in groups of two, three or more.

Table with pillar in compression moulded plywood. Table top in ash veneer. Transparent lacquered or stained in standard NCS (black or white), Selected NCS or Anycolour NCS. Solid bottom metal plate for stability.

Designed by Daniel Enoksson


At Mitab, we keenly understand the power of colour within the environments and spaces we inhabit as individuals. Ahoy is therefor available in a wide range of contemporary colour options are available through Mitab’s various colour systems – Standard, Selected and Anycolour offering over 200 possible colours.



The pedestal and tabletop are made of plywood produced from sustainably managed sources and faced with a durable, high-quality ash veneer. A timber stain protects and reveals the beautifully figured surface. The steel counterweight within the base gives excellent stability, contains at least 30% recycled content and is indefinitely recyclable.


All Mitab products are manufactured in Tranås, Sweden

All of our factories are using 100% renewable electricity

Throughout the whole of Mitab’s collection, future life cycle is one of our most important considerations. All of the Mitab products are designed and made to last for decades and are developed and constructed for a responsible life cycle where Mitab, as the producer, takes full responsibility for all parts of the process, before, during and after a product has been made.

Here at Mitab, we believe that it is incredibly important to offer an incredibly easy and straightforward option to re-lacquer and/or reupholster your Mitab products to increase the lifespan of the piece.

We make it easy for you to extend each product’s life which ensures that all Mitab pieces are truly sustainable, ensuring our commitment to protecting the environment and the raw materials that we use. After all, the most sustainable piece of furniture is the one that lasts the longest.

Repair a worn-out detail, replace a broken component or re-cover in this seasons colour or pattern – Mitab supports every client with a commitment to helping and preventing any negative environmental impact by reinvigorating your existing furniture for new interiors or trends.

This service is offered within our standard pricing structure.

Mitab is certified according to ISO 14001

Mitab is certified according to ISO 9001

At Mitab, we strive to minimize the amount of packaging used when transporting our furniture.

All packaging material used is fully recyclable.

By producing locally and sourcing the majority of the components used in our furniture within bicycling distance to our factories we keep internal transportations low. For external transports we offer climate compensated options.



Ahoy is a characteristic table suitable for different types of environments in the office, the table can be used alone as a solitaire or in a small group. The slightly oval top almost seems to be tipping over, but the angle of the base and the weight inside it works as counterbalance. The table may seem simple but there are some serious calculations and development issues to get an uneven veneer pipe to sit just right.



Why buy new when you can re-new? At Mitab we don’t just sell new Ahoy tables. Customers can also return to us to have their pieces refreshed, renewed and repaired. Mitab products are designed and made to last decades but furniture that lives that long also require a little TLC every now and then to keep it looking its best! Maybe after a couple of hard years in a café your table is in need of recovering. Or perhaps a hue that looked on trend ten years ago now looks a little dated. Mitab offers to re-new your furniture as easily as it is to buy a new piece.

By offering straightforward options with standard pricing for re-lacquering your Ahoy table we make it easy for you to extend its life and help out the environment at the same time.




As a designer I want to create products that facilitates the working environment for the user, regardless if it´s a funtional or aesthetical soloution to a problem. My ambition is to constantly develop myself and my work to make sure I stay open-minded to new solutions all the time.

One of the great things with Mitab is that they dare to support young designers and their ideas and help the develop these into strong finished products. Mitab is a family owned business with pride and legacy. Mitab have transformed in the past years and become more distinct as a brand.

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