To ‘Edit’ is to arrange, revise, add or remove to improve for purpose. A fitting name for the process of designing and configuring the ideal modular furniture system. Edit, comprising seating, tables and accessories that can be arranged in endless constellations, is made for change. Designer John Astbury’s intention for Edit was for it to be as adaptable as possible for any environment and function without its appearance being compromised by its modular nature. Great care was taken to ensure Edit remains poised and welcoming in all configurations.

Edit is place-creating, providing a spot to gather, talk, work or pause for a moment and recharge. Create secluded islands or open, welcoming stages for collaboration and conversation. Edit’s versatility serves the ever changing needs of the contemporary work environment and public spaces alike. The repeating, soft curves of the seating create an inviting geometric rhythm strongly defined by the contrasting, exaggerated seams of the upholstery, giving a tailored aesthetic.

Slight variations within the pattern provided by the bolster cushions, auxiliary tables and power outlets gently interrupt the rigid formality. A steel frame provides the strength that allows Edit’s structured yet delicate silhouette.


“The starting point for any project is ‘why?’ For Edit it was a question on usage and patterns of behaviour, how our expectations for public spaces are evolving and the requirements for seating needs to adapt to this.”
– John Astbury


John Astbury grew up in England where he studied anthropology and sociology before moving to Sweden to study industrial design at Konstfack, Stockholm. His eponymous studio was founded in Stockholm in 2013 and works across objects and spaces. The studio’s work has won awards from Residence, Elle Interiör & Bo Bedre Magazines.