Local Malmo architects Förstberg & Ling’s work is defined by a purity of form, expressive materiality and concise details. Qualities that made them ideal collaborators for us here at Mitab.

We tasked founders Björn and Mikael to design a flexible exhibition concept that embodied the Mitab design ethos and iconically stood out amongst a sea of stands. We recently sat down with Björn and Mikael to ask them more about the project.


How did the collaboration come about and what was the brief?

We were approached by Mitab to develop a concept that would result in a stand for the upcoming furniture fair but also smaller sets, or ‘scenographies’, for showcasing individual pieces of furniture or to be used as backdrops for product photography.

What other ideas and design considerations are behind the ‘Wrapped’ installation concept?

One of the initial starting points was for the concept to be reusable, both in idea and actual construction. It was also important for it to have a bold design element, the diagonal cut, so that it remains immediately recognisable even if the material and colour changes. Another aspect of the design was for it to make use of the skilled workers at Mitab for the construction. I believe that everyone involved in the project shared the opinion that for the design to be good it would need to be clever.

And how is it clever?! What final shape does the concept take?

The result is basically a modular metal frame system that can be dis-assembled, transported, re-assembled and reconfigured to fit with different exhibition spaces. This modular skeleton allows for different covering materials and thus different moods etc for different occasions.

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