Launching at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020, Sense is a new, diminutive easy chair that aims to maximise comfort while remaining modest in scale. Designed by one of Sweden’s leading designers Joel Karlsson, Sense reflects and supports the variety of contemporary ways people utilise modern multi-use spaces.


Joel recently invited us to his design studio and workshop to talk us through the development process and demonstrate the evolution of SenseĀ 

Joel Karlsson:

“We made sense so that you can use it almost like a chair, in some ways, but also as an easy chair. That is common in hotel lobbies today, that you actually sit there and work, and you work in the same manner as you work in the modern office space.”


“One of the early decisions in this project was to make this easy chair, as small as possible. But with the highest possible comfort.”


“This is one of the earliest scale models that we did and here we are still working with loose pillows, acting as a backrest. But to to reach our goals of effectiveness we needed to redesign this because a pillow has two sides. So that is how we came up with this detail. The backrest almost looks like a pillow that is sewn in to the whole upholstery. That is the main detail in this project.”

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