Quality has always been the overriding drive of Mitab, guiding the design and production of everything we do. But over the years issues of sustainability and our responsibility as a manufacturer in this regard have become increasingly important to us, the wider industry and our customers. Acknowledging this responsibility without compromising quality is a challenge that we have wholeheartedly embraced as we constantly strive to reduce our impacts.

Möbelfakta is a voluntary Swedish environmental certification system that assesses furniture and interior fittings. Owned and administered by the Swedish Furniture Industry Association (TMF), its purpose is to enable furniture producers to demonstrate to consumers that their products meet the ever increasing demands of the industry in regards to quality and sustainability and for consumers to be more easily able to find products that meet these demands. It is one of the ways by which we demonstrate Mitab’s continued commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Möbelfakta assesses products in three dimensions: Quality; Social responsibility; and Environment.

A piece of furniture bearing the Möbelfakta label has been produced according to strict ethical guidelines and environmental requirements based on recognised, well-established criteria. It has been rigorously tested and assessed by an external third party auditor who handles and approves the declarations and conducts regular audits of the subject furniture companies. All declarations must be renewed every five years to ensure continued compliance with the latest standards and the continual improvement of those standards
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At Mitab we are proud that our production and furniture is recognised by the exacting demands of the Möbelfakta label. Currently, our products Barney, Bastille, Bug, Courage, Cumulus, Fold, Montmartre, Mute, Ral, Sense, Shadow, Stereo and Unit all carry the Möbelfakta label, with many more soon to follow.

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