Mitab and Basic Collection have united, using their common commitment to sustainability, local manufacturing, and cost-effectiveness to expand their combined product range and strengthen their market position.

Mitab merges with the highly reputable Basic Collection. This merge showcases a shared commitment to local production, sustainable practices, exemplary designs, and affordable prices. Initially, both brands will maintain their distinctive existence as they commence the integration of Basic Collection’s product portfolio into Mitab’s existing collection.

Harnessing the shared strength of both brands—crafted locally in the same factory in Tranås, Sweden, and supported by a closely connected local supplier network reachable within a short cycling distance The result is an increased height in the furniture industry’s bar for sustainability, design uniqueness, configuration possibilities, and affordability. Additionally, the merger will widen Mitab’s portfolio, enhancing its competitiveness across various segments of the contract furniture market.


The integration will be a gradual process expected to complete within the 6 months, creating an extensive furniture collection covering an even more diverse array of customer demands and applications. The expanded product range will cater to a wider variety of market segments, further solidifying Mitab’s position as a leading provider of contract furniture.

Peter Torstensson, CEO of Mitab

“This merger unifies two entities that have, for years, worked in tandem producing high-quality, sustainable furniture from the same factory here in Tranås. It is an exciting evolution that will allow both brands to fully realize the potential of our shared philosophy on sustainability, local production, and commitment to quality.”



Mitab is an independent Swedish furniture manufacturer known for prioritizing progressive sustainable practices and local production since 1979, creating lasting products with high flexibility and leading design. Through the merger with Basic Collection, a brand known for blending high-quality craftsmanship with cost efficiency, Mitab reinforces its position at the forefront of the furniture industry, offering customers an even broader selection of robust and enduring yet affordable pieces.


For further information regarding the merger and other media inquiries, you can reach out to us on, or call us at +46 (0)140 53 00 . For continuous updates and insight into our range of products, you may visit

In alignment with the merger, starting immediately, regional sales representatives in Sweden, Simon Eklund and Fredrik Andlöw, will be offering both Mitab and Basic Collection catalogues. Our client consultant, Annelie Knutsson will be available to provide support with enquiries related to both Mitab and Basic Collection brands.

Please note that, following the unification of our brands, all quotes and orders will be documented using the officially recognised Mitab letterhead.

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