Marius inspiration comes from things that doesn´t need an explaination, things that can be understood by the idea alone or a related story. Like music never getting to old, places that take the breath out of you, art you never thought excisted and working with people you care for.

– The first time i met Marcus and Peter was in Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009. It was my first show and 10 minutes into it I had to run back to the stand as a class-mate called and said Mitab wanted to see me.

A year later we launched “We Get Along” in the hall next door. Ever since I have felt privileged and chosen to work with such a great team and feel like I am a part of the Mitab family.

In today´s market I think one of Mitab´s advantages is their long term commitment to collaborate with young designers, to develop a strong identity with them and to keep searching for new talents.

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