Tonic by Jonas Wagell

Tonic by Jonas Wagell

Tonic is a very comfortable easychair in 2 different sizes. Tonic Club is perfect for generous dining interiors and entrence- and waiting spaces. Tonic Lounge is even more generous, a little wider, a little deeper and a little lower. Perfect for lounging areas with a bit more relaxed feeling.

Tonic Club and Lounge is prefferably used together to create a varied interior.

Tonic is available in 2 sizes, Club and Lounge. Both comes with upholstery in standard fabric or c.o.m. Tonic have 4 separate recyclable plastic feet.

Club                              Lounge
H 78cm                         H 72cm
W 71cm                        W 93cm
D 67cm                         D 83cm
S 45cm                          S 41cm

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Mitab share my focus on details. The accuracy of details is crucial to the end result.

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Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell