Courage by Marius Myking & Sverre Uhnger

Courage by Marius Myking & Sverre Uhnger

Courage is a modular based system with seating elements and backrests that can be endlessly combined. The graphic simplicity comes from the design brief asking for a generic product based on the golden ratio.  The different elements have 2 sections of fabric, creating a “bottom line” which is intended to bond the different parts together, yet allowing for the upper part to be selected in different colours or fabrics creating a varied interior. Courage have a base frame of metal, different parts for different elements. There is no visible fittings or damage when Courage is built together.

Modular sofa system with several seat, back and arm units. Base frame and connection fittings in powder coated metal frame in standard RAL (black). Seat with wood base and cold foam upholstered in standard fabrics or c.o.m. Backrests with one soft side, double back as special. Arm units with table top in ash natural. Multiple fabric configuration and electrical outlets available as add-on. (Electrical outlets is not possible with seats in H.36cm)


Arm units
H 70cm
W 21/34/55cm
D 85cm

Seat units
H 36/43cm
W 64/85/105/170cm
D 64/85cm

Back units
H 70cm
W 64/105/170cm
D 21cm
Corner 85x85cm

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Marius Myking & Sverre Uhnger