Ascent by Brad Ascalon

Ascent by Brad Ascalon

Ascent is a modular beam sofa system designed specifically for public environments such as airports and lobbies. Ascent is there to help you wait, relax and remain fully charged. The wooden base incorporates power and USB charging, while simultaneously serving as a table for food or drink, a newspaper or your personal belongings. As each seat is attached separately there is opportunity to experiment with seating configuration and with colour combinations, offering endless variations for public spaces.

Available in 2 sizes with a maxium of 3 or 4 seats, ASCENT can be customised to fit in virtually any public space, large or small. Beam in ash and seat upholstered in standard fabric or c.o.m.

H 82cm
D 60cm
W 200/267cm

CAD-files for download

Product sheet

Assembly instructions



In the end I want to achieve that perfect balance, an uncomplicated solution, and a design that doesn’t stand out but rather blends into its environment.

Brad Ascalon