The Mitab Story

There´s a story to everything. This is our´s in brief.


Vår historia

Since its founding in 1979, Mitab has continuously evolved, driven by the vision, dedication, and determination of founder Jan-Olof Torstensson. An ambitious entrepreneur with a talent for the technical, Jan-Olof established within Mitab an uncompromising dedication to quality and design excellence.

Jan-Olof keenly understood the need to constantly adapt. Throughout his tenure he adeptly revised and redefined Mitab’s direction, moving from the residential market to contract, developing Mitab’s in-house production capabilities and expanding into international markets.



This evolution has continued under the leadership of the next generation of Torstenssons, Jan-Olof’s two sons Peter and Marcus, who were handed responsibility of the company in 2004. Like their father, the brothers’ great ambition has allowed Mitab to continue to grow whilst maintaining its founding commitment to quality and design excellence.

Continuing to work with and nurture daring designers, Peter and Marcus have developed an evolving range of timeless yet exciting contemporary furniture with a renewed focus of serving the Architectural and Interior Design communities.



By listening closely to their need of new design solutions for our rapidly changing modern working environments Mitab offer innovative, functional products of the most exacting quality for any application or setting.