Social responsibility

We are passionate about creating freedom for our customers to focus on the important things in their business. A long-term and consistent work to ensure quality and the best way to respect our environment is an important part of our business.


Social responsibility

Our most important resource is our employees and the skills they have. On Mitab we safeguard individual rights and opportunities. Therefore, we work continuously together with union representatives, legislators and our staff to ensure a safe and secure work environment where all may be apparent.

We are also committed outside the company as much as we can. We think Mitab have a responsibility to care for the local environment. We support such different types of activities locally and nationally.

Quality and Environment

Mitab are certified to the international quality standard ISO9001. Our aim is to constantly develop and refine our processes to ensure a high and reliable quality.

Mitab is certified to the international environmental standard ISO14001. For us it is extremely important that in a sustainable way, protecting both our immediate environment and the wider environment.